Legendary Mobo Joe revs up Mobo Records’ engine as his imprint heads into the 4th Quarter of 2022

Mobo Joe, leader of the Mobo Click and owner of Mobo Records has long been a forerunner in modern Hip Hop music. He founded the label in 1991 and over thirty years later, he continues to churn out memorable music.

By: MIKODreamz PR

NEW ORLEANS - Sept. 6, 2022 - PRLog -- With the introduction of the first wave of New Orleans "gangsta music", Mobo Joe started a trend that included independence, mentoring and belief in his artists/entertainers. Though his dream and goals were lofty, he always believed through hard work and perseverance, that his imprint would one day take its place among the stars of Hip Hop. It was with that belief that Mobo Camp Records was born. It grew to be a powerhouse that is respected worldwide, often mentioned by other movers and shakers who laud his artists as their inspiration. Very few urban music moguls have had the success and longevity that this gentleman has had and even fewer can claim his level of respect. Mobo Joe is a true music relic who is to be cherished.

Mobo Records just released Ruthless Juveniles' 30th Anniversary album to wide acclaim. It is available on all digital platforms in the form of a 16-track release. There is also an 18-track release souvenir CD available. Mobo Joe himself will be selling the collector's CD via all of his label's social media accounts. Ruthless Juveniles' most well-known hit ("Run Dat Sh*t) has been remixed and included on the anniversary album. Foe Shabb (@foeshabb15 (https://www.instagram.com/foeshabb15/) features on his breakout hit, along with internationally acclaimed Fiend (@504fiend (https://www.instagram.com/504fiend/). Super Producer Beat Doctor (@beatdoctor12 (https://www.instagram.com/beatdoctor12/) remade the track and put his Midas Touch on it, as always. L.Mont is a solid addition to Mobo Records, as he brings youthful energy and incredible talent. There are also a plethora of other artists on the imprint. Mobo Records is proof that urban music can not only stand the test of time, but it can fuse classic artists with young, vibrant artists to make magic.

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New Orleans superstar Calliope Var to release new movie, “Superish”

New Orleans entertainment and street veteran Calliope Var is preparing to release the new feature film entitled “Superish“.

The film will star Calliope Var himself, along with New Orleans natives Ace B (rapper/actor), Rob Kazi (comedian/actor), Lucky Johnson (actor/director/playwright), Taz (world renowned tattoo artist/actor), and many more familiar faces.

For more information on to sign up for email updates, visit SuperishTheMovie.com.

Source: The Heat Magazine

(NEW MUSIC) Nitro the Flash – “Nitrogenesis” (Album)

A lot of new urban music is mundane and at some point, begins to sound all the same. That’s where Nitro the Flash comes in, meaning he has hit the scene to bring back originality and a welcomed brand new sound. 

Nitro the Flash is a super talented entertainer with a fascinating imagination. His music incorporates lyrical greatness laced over bass laden eclectic electronic tracks. After releasing a slew of projects, Nitro the Flash’s “Nitrogenesis” album is the definitive project to showcase his talent. The debut single, “Who Am I”, reveals Nitro the Flash’s ingenuity and inventiveness and provides insight into his artistry. Though it is only one of ten tracks on the project, it makes quite a bold statement. It is sure to be a fan favorite.

Originally from Maine, Nitro the Flash made New Orleans his home from age 13 through early adulthood. The city definitely had an effect on his art. His unique ability to create something so different and amazing is what makes him stand out among entertainment giants. He is currently working on his music, along with acting and writing. Nitro is currently working toward his goals that include headlining Coachella and taking home an Oscar, both lofty but achievable goals for an entertainer of his caliber. Nitro the Flash is currently accepting bookings and is preparing for a future tour and press run.

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Instagram @nitrotheflash

Twitter @hatrickdempsey

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Listen to “Nitrogenesis”:

Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/nitrogenesis/1620028482 
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/44AJKzbgXzrGAHvhBmGmKE

Atlanta artist, EAZY, drops new single “Trap Hard”

EAZY is back motivating the streets with his new single “Trap Hard” this is the first single off his upcoming project Definition of the Grind #DOTG set to release this spring.EAZY talks about the grind and the daily struggles of making it out the bottom. Whether your in the streets, stripping, a doctor or a school teacher we all have a Trap so Trap Hard

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www.youtube.com/grind mode entertain 

Dj Smallz Interview:

New Orleans Native DVNTAE releases “Clarity”

In this record, DVNTAE dwells into a deeper perspective regarding the subject of love and what it feels like when relationships may not turn out exactly as intended. 

Love is a game and we all play to win, while some lose. People grow apart while in certain situations. Things happen that may not be meant to be understood and that is where Clarity needs to be involved. DVNTAE does nothing short of delivering a humble sense of vulnerability, which is what we all can learn from and connect to. 

This record is absolutely ear-gasmic and  is sure to captivate the listener in a melodic ambiance to set the tone of relatability to the listener and someone special. 

Link: https://fanlink.to/dnvtaeclarity

Video Link : https://youtu.be/WtZB11q6wEs

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Atlanta’s Own TopNotch Swave Drops Remix Of “Stand On It” Featuring Sada Baby

There’s brand new and fresh blood coming out of the music mecca of Atlanta, Georgia. This includes TopNotch Swave, who hails from the Old Fourth Ward. He dropped off his new single entitled “Stand On It” and let’s just say, it’s some heat! The single features Detroit MVP, Sada Baby.

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Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/7zstj1QdAEGcODa3svCWhB?si=35rOCn7cRnuWsjo3PUqM1Q

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Y.N.X.716 releases a double visual “Solid Gold Soul” & “History”


Hip Hop artist and lyricist, Y.N.X.716 is a classic throwback artist, who brings a refreshing style of throughout provoking lyricism and effortless flow to his art. The feelings of nostalgia are all enjoyably familiar as the artists distinct musical vibe, leaves listens far and wide loving his music.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the artist has been creating music for the best part of fifteen years, perfecting his signature style in addition to collaborating with some highly reputable underground artists such as Eto, Daniel Son, Kool G Rap, and Conway The Machine from Griselda records.

His musical work has also not gone unnoticed by the industry. With various taste makers showing significant support including the likes of:

Sirius Xm and Shade45, where he has had a variety of songs on frequent rotation and has also appeared on Shade45 live.

(NEW MUSIC) J.Pizzle ft. Miami Tip – “On Go”

Atlanta native J.Pizzle is making waves in the entertainment industry

Atlanta native J.Pizzle (a/k/a “The Real J.Hefner”) is known for releasing music consistently on Valentine’s Day. J.Hefner Volumes 1 and 2 both include a dead rose symbolizing his stance on the holiday. 

J.Pizzle continued with that theme this year, releasing J.Hefner 3 and the visuals for “On Go” featuring reality show star Miami Tip and other Tier 1 Models. The video was shot by Virtuoso PRoductions. While J.Pizzle did not appear in the video, he made certain all the beautiful women made it very unique. J.Pizzle leveled up and froze everything with his new release, “Frozen”. 

Stream on Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/2WCAcVUEnLDpYCRdhYWanm?si=SJW12k5IQ9Gt-nvgRho6vw&dl_branch=1

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(NEW MUSIC) Jacob Waddy – “2am”

Jacob Waddy recently signed with Auto Play Music to release the highly buzzworthy single “2am” in July. Now, he’s back with booze, gambling, and other late-night activities in the uncut but censored video directed by Cam Clay. 

The video starts in one of Atlanta’s most prominent nightlife districts, Edgewood, and ends in a posh hotel Downtown. The song’s catchy hook, eclectic vibe, and creative video proves that Jacob Waddy is one of Atlanta’s rising stars.

Jacob Waddy’s “2am” music video

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