MIKODreamz PR firm truly does represent some of the dopest talent on the planet. Our client list is proof positive of this. We work hard to make sure our clientele stays at the forefront in terms of promo and visibility. We believe in each and every one we work with and because of that, we are on a special mission to make sure you do as well.

Current and Past Clients include:

BTY YoungN (Musical Act/Songwriter/Entrepreneuer/Label Owner)

Tokyo Vanity (Musical Act/Songwriter/Comedian/Social Media Sensation/Entrepreneuer)

Partners-N-Crime (Musical Act)


Michael Patterson (Author/Motivational Speaker/Entreprenuer)

Walter Williams (Songwriter/Musician/Entrepreneuer)

Jay Jones (Musical Act/Songwriter)

Dee Day (Musical Act/Songwriter/Entreprenuer)

Black Menace (Musical Act)

Ronald Jones | President of HITZ International & HITZ Media Services (Songwriter/Entreprenuer)

HITZ (Multi-Media Imprint)


Phreedom Records (Label)


REEM (Songwriter/Musician/Entreprenuer)

Cass of America (Songwriter/Musician)

Breadman (Songwriter/Musician/Entreprenuer)


Militia Ko (Musical Act/Songwriter)

STORM (Musical Act/Songwriter/Entrepreneur/Philantropist)

B’Eric Da Kidd (Musical Act/Songwriter)

Mario P (Comedian/Motivational Speaker/Entreprenuer)

Quest (Songwriter/Producer/Musician/Entreprenuer/Visionary)

International T (Songwriter/Musician)

Viktori Brand (Luxury Clothing Retailer)


Tammy George (Motivational Speaker/Entreprenuer)

Shorty (Musical Act/Entrepreneuer)

“I describe publicist Hurricane Arlene as a person who will not drop the ball when it comes to a project. The word “competent” means “having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully” and she is this in every sense. From her personal connections, contacts, and resources; she can catapult an artist robustly. Publicity is very important because an artist can gain status and build notoriety. Arlene Culpepper is definitely a publicist that I recommend, not only because she is a hard worker, but she also possesses a great heart.” – SHORTY

Tha Natural (Musical Act/Entreprenuer/Label Owner/Songwriter)

Y Luck (Musical Act/Actor/Entreprenuer/Philantropist)

Sheffie Brasco (Songwriter/Musician/Entreprenuer)

ELLS (Songwriter/Musician/Entreprenuer)

Dewayne Williams (Author/Entreprenuer)

Crescent Tax Company (Business)

Chicken & Watermelon (Business)

Jazz Daiquiri (Business)

J Lyric (Musical Act/Entreprenuer)

Arlene is one of the most genuine people I’ve met in my hip hop journey. She wants to see everyone win. “Hurricane” is the perfect nickname for her because she took the New Orleans scene by storm. She’s taken my career to another level in a short period of time, but more importantly I’m happy to call her my friend. – J LYRIC

Doeja Da Don (Musical Act/Songwriter/Entreprenuer)

Division 1 (Musical Act/Songwriters/Entreprenuers)

B-Streezy (Musical Act/Songwriter)

Frank Foota (Musical Act/Songwriter/Entrepreneuer)

Da Mizfitz (Musical Act/Songwriters)

B Assasson (Musical Act/Songwriter)

ELLS (Musical Act/Songwriter)

Let’s Get More Success (Business)

FMP Dutch (Musical Act/Songwriter)

New Orleans Union for Entertainment (Artist Platform)

Urban Push Movement (Artist Platform)

703Media (Media Company)


504 Diffusion (Partner Company)


Genie Marketing Services (Partner Company)


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