Legendary Mobo Joe revs up Mobo Records’ engine as his imprint heads into the 4th Quarter of 2022

Mobo Joe, leader of the Mobo Click and owner of Mobo Records has long been a forerunner in modern Hip Hop music. He founded the label in 1991 and over thirty years later, he continues to churn out memorable music.

By: MIKODreamz PR

NEW ORLEANS - Sept. 6, 2022 - PRLog -- With the introduction of the first wave of New Orleans "gangsta music", Mobo Joe started a trend that included independence, mentoring and belief in his artists/entertainers. Though his dream and goals were lofty, he always believed through hard work and perseverance, that his imprint would one day take its place among the stars of Hip Hop. It was with that belief that Mobo Camp Records was born. It grew to be a powerhouse that is respected worldwide, often mentioned by other movers and shakers who laud his artists as their inspiration. Very few urban music moguls have had the success and longevity that this gentleman has had and even fewer can claim his level of respect. Mobo Joe is a true music relic who is to be cherished.

Mobo Records just released Ruthless Juveniles' 30th Anniversary album to wide acclaim. It is available on all digital platforms in the form of a 16-track release. There is also an 18-track release souvenir CD available. Mobo Joe himself will be selling the collector's CD via all of his label's social media accounts. Ruthless Juveniles' most well-known hit ("Run Dat Sh*t) has been remixed and included on the anniversary album. Foe Shabb (@foeshabb15 (https://www.instagram.com/foeshabb15/) features on his breakout hit, along with internationally acclaimed Fiend (@504fiend (https://www.instagram.com/504fiend/). Super Producer Beat Doctor (@beatdoctor12 (https://www.instagram.com/beatdoctor12/) remade the track and put his Midas Touch on it, as always. L.Mont is a solid addition to Mobo Records, as he brings youthful energy and incredible talent. There are also a plethora of other artists on the imprint. Mobo Records is proof that urban music can not only stand the test of time, but it can fuse classic artists with young, vibrant artists to make magic.

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