The Heat Magazine covers TheHairbender™

HEAT PRODIGY: TheHairbender™, a New Orleans success story


Talent: a special natural ability or aptitude; a capacity for achievement or success

Meet Darrl “TheHairbender™” Roberts, a New Orleans area talent who exudes charisma, intelligence and tenacity – all of which speak to his ability to cater to celebrities and high-end clients on a regular basis.


TheHairbender™ is a successful entrepreneur/business owner with what can be considered one of the brightest futures imaginable. His background is similar to many young men in this country – with one glowing exception – he figured out how to take a negative and not only turn it into a positive, but to be able to position himself as one of the most sought after barbers in the United States. His clientele includes professional athletes, musicians, social media mavens, and many more clients who have been with him since he began his journey – a journey that has afforded opportunities that include being flown out on private jets, to being able to design his shop exactly the way he envisioned, to mastering a craft that is so important to the aesthetics of our lives. His “Fyooz” (patent pending) method to install hair units like those taking social media by storm has served to set him apart in the art of barbering and hair. TheHairbender™ often refers to his hard work as “Silently Working”. That’s an understatement!


We would say that the fact that TheHairbender™ once served jail time is of no consequence, but it is truly important to his backstory. This is because TheHairbender™ is a role model to many because of what he has been through in his life. He is a stellar success story and living proof that no matter what you have been through, you can use setbacks as building blocks to a bright future. And during the building process and beyond, you can be a blessing to others by sharing your story, advice and even being a cautionary tale about “getting it right”. He often lends his time and talent to non-profits and when he does, his involvement is quite memorable.


TheHairbender™ has most definitely gotten it right! And his legacy and empire is only growing by the year. In fact, it is a global brand that is poised to take over the business world in the very near future.

We caught up with TheHairbender™ and here’s what he had to say:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: You’re known for doing some amazing work. How did you get into the business?

THEHAIRBENDER™: I actually got into the business due to circumstance. I was working as a construction worker when there wasn’t much work going around. After being laid off the first time, I enrolled in barbering school so I would have something to fall back on in case it happened a second time. Well, it happened again, but I was prepared for it. After my second pink slip, I hired myself and started cutting hair full time.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for young barber and hairstylists just starting out?

THEHAIRBENDER™: My advice for barbers & stylists just starting out is PATIENCE. That’s everything in this industry. The time it takes to master your craft and build a legitimate clientele base in most cases – more often than not – feels like forever. You have to be willing to accept delays and still find a way to stay motivated. PATIENCE will always be my biggest preaching.


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What celebrities have you done work for in the past?

THEHAIRBENDER™: Far as celebrities go, I’ve worked with Keisha Cole, Nick Toons, Brandin Cooks, Hakeem from Empire, Jidenna, Russell Wilson, Ben Watson, Vanessa Ferlito, Landon Collins, Deshazor Everett, Fiend, Tim Hightower, Olson Charles, and a Super Bowl Performer that I’m not allowed to mention.


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about the units installed on men.

THEHAIRBENDER™: Hair units for men are unbelievable right now. It’s way more acceptable today than it was three years ago when I first took the class. I practiced in silence for about a year before I actually started promoting the service. To my surprise, it took off way quicker than I thought it would. As time went on, I branded my version of it as “Fyoozing”. My technique offers an undetectable solution to hair loss, offering exact color match and styling to blend in with natural hair.



THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How important do you believe it is to give back?

THEHAIRBENDER™: I believe it’s very important to give back & to do so with an honest heart. I channel my charity in areas that I’m really passionate about. That makes me a cheerful giver.


THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How will you be expanding TheHairbender™ brand in 2019?

THEHAIRBENDER™: I’ll be expanding my brand this year by first realigning my craft with my artsy side. So I’ll be doing more vibrant hair colors, sketchy undercuts, and trendier haircuts and styles. I’ll also be pumping up my social media and attending more networking/hair show events.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from TheHairbender™ brand in the coming years?

THEHAIRBENDER™: Expect to see a black building and a hair care line. Silently working.

Visit TheHairbender™ website at Follow TheHairbender™ on Instagram


Source: The Heat Magazine

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